I thought I was in love with my girlfriend, but buying her a present has made me reconsider. She informed me that she always took the time to shop for clothes for me, and she expected me to buy her something other than lingerie. While she seems comfortable buying my clothes, I have always had a difficult time finding things that will fit her. That is the only reason I have refused to buy her outfits in the past, but I thought it might be time to try again.

She has exquisite taste, and I had seen a few outfits I knew she wanted. They were all expensive, but cost was not really an obstacle for me. I went to the store with a full list of her sizes, and I asked a clerk for help. After a short time, it became very apparent that I had no idea if the outfits would fit her. It was disappointing, but the clerk came up with a plan.

She looked at the list of sizes, and she called a friend who would fit all of them. When her friend showed up, she was a perfect size match. I was very pleased at this solution, and I waited as the young lady tried on the first outfit. She was kind enough to try on all of them, and it gave me a good chance to choose the best one.

It took several hours to complete my shopping, but I was looking forward to presenting my birthday girl with the perfect outfit. Unfortunately, the gift giving did not quite go as planned. She loved the outfit, but she was unhappy I had managed to get all the correct sizes. I am confused about this, but perhaps all women are disappointed when their clothes fit perfectly.